Your ECO B&B in San Vigilio di Marebbe - South Tyrol

Cosy. Relaxing. Natural. Dolomites.
Les Gomines is a truly special place. Barbara greets her guests with a smile that comes from the heart and immediately you feel welcome. Charming details are artfully arranged in the nooks and crannies of this B&B, and the view of the Dolomites is both comforting and stunning. The deep green of the trees all around soothes you. Here, time moves slowly. You relax, slow down and leave all your worries behind.
Barbara’s discretion puts every guest at ease, so you feel right at home, whether you are at breakfast with wholesome regional foods, in one of the comfortable rooms conveying a sense of endless harmony, relaxing in the infrared sauna or even when you are out exploring the wonders of nature, both big and small.
In Ladin, Les Gomines means a small, enclosed meadow. It is a cosy haven where you can enjoy a holiday in a natural, peaceful setting. The centre of San Vigilio di Marebbe is just a few steps away, and the renowned Fanes-Senes-Braies nature reserve is also nearby, offering a spectacular view of the Dolomites. Les Gomines is unique in its simplicity, a special place where you can spend a truly memorable holiday filled with a variety of eco-friendly experiences.
I want to create a special place where people and nature find the space they deserve.
Barbara Frenner

With sensitivity and care

Les Gomines has been a dream come true for me. I was born into an extraordinary family that has, for generations, offered hospitality to guests in Val Badia. And with my B&B, I have had the chance to create a warm and intimate holiday home, to share my world and my style of hospitality. Guests find me likeable and sensitive to their needs. I love nature and my Ladin culture, I love being with people and I love learning about their ideas of life.
I am very conscious and respectful of the environment, even in my personal life. At times I can be overly meticulous and somewhat of a perfectionist, but that is probably due to the unconditional devotion I give to the world around us and, of course, to my children, Giovanni and Alma, who bring our home to life with their joyful energy.

Our offers

It is a delight to invite people into my world and share their thoughts and experiences.
Barbara Frenner

Living in harmony with and in nature

The Dolomites, synonymous with greatness, wonder and majesty.
Every day fascinated travellers look out onto these extraordinary landscapes and their abundant flora and fauna, which Barbara treats with utmost respect and a sense of responsibility. The way she runs Les Gomines is sustainable and eco-friendly as well. The building was constructed in accordance with the strict energy efficiency standards of Klimahaus and it has been furnished with natural materials. It is powered with energy from sustainable sources and, naturally, the use of natural resources is environmentally conscious. The foods served at breakfast are seasonal, local, organic or homemade, and Barbara goes to no end to ensure that Les Gomines is a sustainable, eco-friendly holiday home. Because she believes so firmly and sincerely in the importance of environmental susstainability, it is all guaranteed by green certifications and international GSTC certification.

A few of the main steps we have taken to create a magical holiday while protecting the environment at Les Gomines:

Green Building

The building was constructed in accordance with the strict Klimahaus energy efficiency standards. Each and every room was designed to bring people closer to nature, using natural materials like wood, natural fibres, ceramics and natural water-based paints.
A respectful relationship with nature and with people characterises both our life and our guests’ holidays at Les Gomines.
Barbara Frenner

Let sleep restore you. Wake up with joy.

Five rooms, five colours, five peaceful sanctuaries.
The spacious rooms are filled with sunshine and light. There is plenty of space to relax and recharge. The warmth of the wood exudes harmony and cosiness. In the morning, you’ll wake up well rested after a night spent in the special comfort of our ergonomic mattresses and perfect silence. Blue, green, red, orange and yellow: which colour conveys the ideal feelings for your holiday?

A holiday at Les Gomines is prosperity at the highest level!
For your sake and ours, we have subjected Les Gomines to a Vastu energy correction.
Vastu aims to harmonise people through the building in which they live. Simply enjoy staying with us 💚

Now it's your turn to choose: blue, green, red, orange or yellow: which colour gives you the feeling you want to carry you through your holiday?

Our Rooms



Our experiences

What’s included

Breakfast with local products and homemade specialities

Good to know

Our pricelist is dynamic, i.e. prices change according to our availability. Local tax is not included

Bank details
Frenner Barbara Poste Italiane
IBAN: IT39E 36081 05138 25139 6351397 SWIFT/BIC: PPAYITR1XXX

Our wholesome breakfast with a variety of regional products is included. If you book the overnight stay only, we offer the following extras:
  • a rich and varied breakfast buffet: €12 per person/day
  • a quick and simple light breakfast (cappuccino, croissant, juice): €6.00 per person/day

Check-in - Check-out & Balance
We are happy to welcome you! Please let us know at least one day in advance what time you expect to arrive so that we can give you our warmest welcome when you check in.
Your room will be available to you until 10 am on the day of your departure.
For final payment we prefer cash but we also accept Visa and Mastercard

Children’s discounts
Children are very welcome. We grant the following discounts for the occupancy of additional beds*
(*additional beds recommended up to adolescent age):
  • up to the age of 2: 10 € / day
  • 2-5 years: -50 %
  • 6-13 years: -30 %
  • + 14: -10 %

A deposit (30% of the total amount) is due to confirm your booking. The full amount is due for stays of one night only.

No smoking
We hope you’ll understand that there is no smoking in the rooms and common areas.

Parking and Garage
Our guests may park for free in the outdoor spaces. If you would prefer to park your car inside the garage, you may use the free spaces in our garage, which is monitored with security cameras.

We know how difficult it is to leave your faithful four-legged friend at home when you’re on holiday because we love animals too. However, for reasons of cleanliness and because our other guests could have allergies, we have decided to make our B&B pet free, so we cannot allow pets in our home. We hope you’ll understand.

Not barrier free
Dear guests, we respectfully wish to inform you that Les Gomines currently presents challenges that may make access difficult for persons with different abilities. We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you sincerely for your understanding.

Terms of cancellation
There is no right to withdraw reservations under the Consumer Code. However, we grant the following terms of cancellation:
  • The reservation is valid only after sending a confirmatory premium (30% of the total stay)
  • The confirmatory premium will not be refunded, as required by Article 1385 of the Civil Code
  • In case of cancellation earlier than 14 days before the planned arrival date, the deposit can be credited for a later stay in the current season and depending on availability.
  • After this period, in the event of late arrival, early departure or definitive cancellation, the agreed daily rate will be charged
We strongly recommend to stipulate a travel cancellation insurance!

Travel insurance
Could an unexpected event or Covid-19 restrictions keep you from taking the holiday you’ve booked? We recommend buying travel insurance to receive reimbursement for the amount you already paid or the amount you owe.

Wellness room
Our wellness room with infrared sauna and body massage shower is available upon reservation every day from 3 to 8 pm.

Our recommendations for a holiday that knows no limits

Dine Around

Does your stomach rumble after a hike in the mountains or a day on the slopes? There are a number of restaurants in town just a few minutes away by foot. Pizza, Ladin cuisine or typical international fare, there is something for everyone. Buon appetito!

Breakfast, a conscious well-being

Good morning, wonderful world!
At Les Gomines the day begins with Barbara’s smile and a few friendly words. Take your time and savour the delicious breakfast. We offer a wide variety of sweet and savoury regional specialities and/or products sourced directly from local farmers. Yoghurt, milk and the special cheeses from the Lüch de Pcei farmstead, fresh bread from our local bakers, muesli and dried fruit and nuts from the Leitner mill and products made with goat’s milk from the Lü de Corcela farmstead, served with “L’albero del Caffè” organic coffee and herbal teas from the local Lü de Pincia farmstead: delicious, healthy foods to start your day off well. We also like to spoil you with delectable homemade treats: fruit preserves and scrumptious cakes made just the way Grandma used to do!
Guests who prefer to eat light in the morning may opt for our express breakfast with a hot or cold beverage and the cake of the day.
A nice, sincere chat makes breakfast special.
Barbara Frenner


Forays into Ladin culture
Barbara has Ladin roots and is proud to share with guests the traditions of her region, which make it so unique. The Ladin language and culture date back to over 2,000 years ago. In Roman times, the Romansh language spoken by the native population mixed with the merchants’ Colloquial Latin, giving rise to Ladin. Today, Ladin is the third regional language spoken in South Tyrol and the native tongue of some 30,000 Ladins, a recognised ethnic minority. With deep roots in this land, the Ladin people in the Dolomite valleys still consider themselves a single entity and, with a trilingual school, their own radio station and Ladin language newspapers, they have kept their precious cultural heritage alive.

Strongly anchored roots

Spectacular views from the Lavarella mountain hut
Barbara cherishes the many childhood memories she has of “Rifugio Lavarella”, in the heart of the Fanes-Senes-Braies nature reserve. The first little hut was built in 1912 by her ancestors and is now run by Barbara’s sister, a keen sommelier, and by her sister’s husband, Gábor, a brewmaster. For a century, the renowned mountain hut has been celebrated for its warm hospitality and excellent food, and now the on-site GA-Beer brewery has brought another touch of excellence to this mountain gem. Open in the winter and summer, the Lavarella mountain hut is one of the most popular destinations in our valley.

Experience nature in the Dolomites

Sports and outdoor activities in Val Badia
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter what the season, the Dolomites - a UNESCO world heritage site - the fabled Fanes-Senes-Braies nature reserve and the idyllic Val Badia offer a wide selection of sports activities. Climbing, hiking, cycling, skiing in the number 1 ski area - Plan de Corones is part of the Carosello Dolomiti Superski linked ski resorts - or cross country skiing along the spectacular natural trail that crosses Val di Rudo: Les Gomines is the perfect place to dive into nature and immerse yourself in all its wonders.


Cycling through the peaks

Road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, which do you prefer? The Dolomites around San Vigilio di Marebbe are a genuine paradise for cyclists. Take a leisurely ride on the road over passes or through the woods, or venture out on the mountain trails. The cable car will take you up to the freeride trail on Plan de Corones and you can hire a bike and then store it safely in our garage, which even has a charging station.

Hiking and climbing: guaranteed fun for everyone

An easy walk to an Alpine hut for the whole family, a challenging hike towards the summit, a spectacular climb on a wall of rock: around Les Gomines any mountain-lover will find the perfect place to explore the Dolomites of Val Badia, steeped in myths and legends. Once you’ve reached your destination, find nourishment in the delicious traditional dishes served in the mountain huts. And who knows, you might even come face to face with a marmot!

Fill your soul with peace, experience the Dolomites

Watch the sun cast a palette of delicate pinks and luminous reds onto the pale Dolomites: even we are captivated by the alpenglow every day, as if we were seeing it for the first time. Admire the flowers in myriad shapes and hues that fill these meadows or the eagle soaring free over the mountaintops. Let yourself go in nature, let it fill you with all its silence. Relax and recharge. For once, let your thoughts wander. Explore this Dolomite mountain paradise alone or on a guided nature tour organised by the tourism association.

Yoga in the Yurt

Your ecological yoga studio in the Dolomites.
The Yurt with its round design conveys calm and security and the closeness to nature as well as a certain degree of freedom invites minimalism. Our Yurt should remind you of the essentials through its natural construction, combined with the practice of yoga and meditation, and offer us the opportunity to rediscover ourselves in an unusual but comfortable ambience.

Open from May to October.
Find the Yog.Amiga program here.


Boundless skiing in the Dolomites

Plan de Corones – with its 120 km of slopes, cutting-edge lifts and stunning, 360° view of the surrounding peaks – delivers an unforgettable skiing experience. The reliable skibus stops in front of Les Gomines and carries avid skiers directly to the slopes. Famous World Cup slopes, snowparks for children and Cianross night skiing: your ski holiday in the Dolomites will certainly be special! And if that is not enough… Plan de Corones is linked to other ski resorts, including Sellaronda in Alta Badia. Dolomiti Superski will not let you down!

Winter adventures beyond the slopes

Would you prefer cross country skiing in an enchanting winter wonderland? A 24-km cross country skiing trail starts just a few steps away from Les Gomines and meanders through the snowy woods and meadows around San Vigilio. Or you can explore the winter landscape on snow shoes with a guide. Unless you’d rather travel back in time for the thrill of an old-fashioned sleigh ride.

The thrill of ski mountaineering in a pristine winter landscape

Climb the solitary, snow-clad mountain face, step by step. Reach the summit and feel the freedom of standing at the top. Let the stunning panorama enchant you. Take the skins off your skis, then race down the unspoiled snow, leaving your mark. Alta Badia offers many ski mountaineering tours far and wide, high and low, all around the awe-inspiring winter landscape and its fantastic peaks. There’s something for everyone, from easy trails to more challenging routes, with expert guides available upon request.

Experience the magical winter silence

The gleam of snow crystals sparkling in the sun. A luminous mantle of snow delicately covers the quiet rock below, like a winter cloak. Breathe in the silence and energy radiating from this magnificent white. The winter sun warms your face and restores you. Let your thoughts run free as you recharge. Enjoy the full magic of winter alone or on a guided hike or snowshoeing tour organised by the tourism association.

"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints."

-Chief Seattle-
Prefer to travel green and get around without a car? You are absolutely welcome here, where a holiday without a car is pleasantly relaxing. You can reach San Vigilio by bus or train. We will give you a Dolomite Holiday Premium Pass so you can ride all public transport in the integrated South Tyrol public transit system for free. The excellent connections by bus, shuttle or cable car take you (almost) everywhere. The bus stop and the Plan de Corones cable car are only a few steps away from our front door. And, on request, we can arrange for a taxi, car hire or bicycle hire.

Guest whispers

DM Sydney

Beautiful B&B in the Dolomites
We had to stay here for a night before checking into a longer-term hotel. The owners were very accommodating and helpful and made our stay very enjoyable. The room and breakfast area were very clean and comfortable. There is a short, steep climb to get to the B&B from the road, but we found it fine. About 50m from the front door is a bus stop that takes you to the main resort ski lifts and then through the town. We would stay hear again.


Here are some options to reach us comfortably:
By Car
  • In San Vigilio, continue towards the centre of the town (Piazza della Chiesa).
  • Follow the main road through the town.
  • You will see the church on your left. At the end of the road, which is slightly uphill, you will find a T intersection (you’ll see the Hotel Genziana and the Hotel Brunella on the right).
  • Turn right and follow the road for about 500 metres until you reach the second intersection (after the Da Attilio restaurant), turn left, following the signs for the Camping Al Plan/ Pizzeria Arnold’s.
  • When you reach the entrance to the campground turn left onto the dead end road.
  • Les Gomines is at the end of the road.
  • Coordinates GPS: N_46°41.7016′ E011°56.311′
By Train
Arriving by train is easy and scenic. Take a train to the Fortezza (Franzensfeste) station and then continue by regional train to Brunico (Bruneck). From Bruneck, a comfortable bus (Line 460 or 461) will take you directly to San Vigilio di Marebbe. The bus station is located just outside the Bruneck railway station. Once you arrive, you can easily reach our B&B on foot.

By Taxi
For a more direct and stress-free journey, you can take a taxi from the main train stations or nearby airports. From Brunico railway station, a taxi will take you to San Vigilio di Marebbe in about 20 minutes. We also offer a taxi booking service for our guests. Please contact us in advance to arrange your transfer.

By Plane
For those arriving by plane, there are several transfer options:
- Bolzano Airport (BZO) 90 km from San Vigilio di Marebbe:
Take a train from Bolzano airport to Fortezza and follow the instructions for the train from Fortezza to Brunico. (alternatively book a taxi or hire a car)
- Innsbruck Airport (INN) 115 km from San Vigilio di Marebbe:
Take a train from Innsbruck to Fortezza (via Brennero) and then a regional train to Brunico. (alternatively book a taxi or hire a car)
- Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) 200 km from San Vigilio di Marebbe:
Reach Venice Santa Lucia railway station and take a train to Fortezza (changing at Verona Porta Nuova), then a regional train to Brunico. (alternatively book a taxi or hire a car)
- Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN) 230 km from San Vigilio di Marebbe:
Drive to Verona Porta Nuova railway station, take a train to Fortezza and then a regional train to Brunico. (alternatively book a taxi or hire a car).

Trip planning:
If you need further information or assistance in planning your trip and/or local taxi numbers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help make your arrival at Les Gomines B&B as easy and pleasant as possible.
It is also useful to check train timetables on The Train Line, Trenitalia, ÖBB and Südtirol Mobil bus timetables to ensure you have convenient connections and don't miss any connections.
For car rental, please consult:

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